code snippets

A somewhat random (and very outdated) collection of code snippets organised by category (implementation language in grey):  
{   dvcs ,   forth ,   linguistics ,   lua ,   web   }

⊢ dvcs

a wrapper script for Fossil
Provides filters and aliases. View the repository here.
a Mercurial extension for managing multiple identities
Clone the repository from Bitbucket.
a Mercurial extension for improving the output of 'hg paths'
Clone the repository from Bitbucket.

⊢ forth

experiments in / contributions to retro, Charles Childers' Forth.
See here for Retro 11 and here for the playground.

⊢ linguistics

a phonological rule learner
(MA thesis project, 2010.)

The learner is tasked with inferring phonological rules from paradigmatic data. Uses minimal pairs to bootstrap a (derivational) phonology.

Contact me for more information.

reduplication model based on Halle (2008)
Proposes that reduplicative morphology consists of the insertion of various junctures at phonologically defined anchor points within a morphological domain, such as a stem.

The phonology interprets the brackets by projecting material within their scope to create a hierarchically structured representation whose linearization is simply read off from the terminal nodes in the resulting tree from left to right.

For more info, see here

⊢ lua

check what's being exported into the global table by a given module
To run: lua gcheck.lua [module name]

Download here or view online here.

new metatable syntax for Lua: VM patch.
(With edrx — his idea!)

See here for info / motivation.

Download here or view online here.

⊢ web

a route-based web framework
Inspired by Dancer and Sinatra; early prototype.

Download the latest version here